Gelgraph Solid Base 5g


It is the perfect size for trial.

[V visual]

It is more viscous than base gel so that you can create the best thickness for fill -in once.

In addition, because it has excellent self -leveling, it is possible to create a beautiful form in a short time.

[Hardening fever]

To make the thickness, it is set to a lower curing heat than the base gel so that it does not get hot even if you apply a large amount.


Despite being a Soke off gel, we focused on hardness so that we could fill in without stress.

It can be crispy to use either nail machine or file, and when cutting the cuticle

The gel is caught in files and bits and does not come off from the nails.


It is more closely adheringated than a normal base gel, does not miss or float, and lasts for a long time.

Please use it with a 180g zebra file.

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