◆ STORYJEL365 Nail Bag (Story Gel) SJNB -TB -D


body size

H 380mm

W mouth frame included: 600mm/back body: 480mm

D 250mm

Handle length 590mm (stitch -stitching)

Standing up 210mm (the top of the handle from the zipper)

Handle width 50mm

Shoulder length

Up to 1380mm (up to 650mm)

The shortest 820mm (rising about 330mm)

Shoulder width 38mm

Below is the folded size at the time of delivery.

40cm in height x 60cm wide x 4.5cm thick

The selling points are as follows.

● Large -capacity size that can fit plenty of nail tools

● Because it keeps wide open with wires, tools can be put in and out.

● Designed that focuses on lighter while adopting solid fabric

● With the bottom of the bottom of the bottom and the bag to prevent rubbing

● A relaxed handle that can be carried over the shoulder

● The shoulder is hard to hurt even with heavy luggage on the handle, and the luggage is hard to slip down, with a non -slip shoulder pad

● Convenient to organize accessories and text outer pockets x 2/inner pocket x 5

● With non -slip shoulder belt

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