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Brand list


Pregel has a wide range of colors and holds the most shades than all other brands. Primer is not needed when using this gel. This brand is created to ensure minimal damaged to the nails. This gel polish is flexible and does not lift which makes it durable. It is also permeable and breathable for the nails. It is easy to remove as it is a soak-off gel. This brand is 100% manufactured in Japan.



Tgel is a brand that is great for everyone from beginners to advance nail technicians which makes it fun and easy to enjoy creating nail designs. This brand has over 150 colors to choose from. It is made with excellent quality and effortless when mixing colors. This is a soak-off gel and manufactured 100% in Japan.



Since our founding in 2018, we have provided numerous products of value to nail artists. D.nail carries nail art products of all types, including color gels, one-of-a-kind holograms, glitter, powders, and pieces that look like luxurious high jewelry. D.nail will continue to lead the way in nail trends and pioneer cutting-edge trends to meet customer needs and will continue to strive to provide the best services to nail artists.

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Based on the concept of simple but appealing colors, we offer a lineup of colors that have innovative shades and textures. We have a wide variety of colors from which to choose that range from brightly pigmented matte colors to transparent and clear colors. lem's main product - magnetic gel, has fine particles that make it easy to utilize and manipulate and has high color development.

≫ lem.


Shareydva has been used for years by a wide range of users, from beginners to professional manicurists. Shareydva is a nail brand that continues to be the go-to for nail artists throughout their careers.



Inity nail gel colors are merely sheer shades. With just one stroke sets the color and applies evenly. The thickness is easily adjustable because only 1 coat is necessary. The gradation design can be created simply and smoothly with Inity. This brand is 100% manufactured in Japan.



Fun new surprise! Based on our new theme, we are offering a wide variety of art products that are fun and trendy. We have the following new products: Sand Gel Polish which will give your nails a stunning look with just one coat; Nendo Gel Polish which will give your nails a 3D-like effect , Flash Gel Polish which will make your nails party-ready, and Powders that can be used for a variety of purposes essential to nail art!



≫ Irie

Ann Professional

≫ Ann Professional

Dna gel

Our gel won’t damage your nails or shrink. No burning pain or heat sensation or odor when gel polish is curing. No need to reshape nails before use. Clear color, no mist or haze.

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for imagination - We propose nail designs that can be arranged exibly. Feel the fun of making original art. for creativity - We will continue to develop truly usable items that are not bound by common sense and that stimulate the sensibility of nail artists.

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‘your nails are your accessories' We have a selection of elegant and edgy gels that can match any fashion style. Our gels can be used both by manicurists in a salon and at home. We strive to create gels that are intriguing to the eye.



Wide variety of products to suit your needs that have stylish designs and beautiful packaging. The lid has silicone to prevent leakage and the packaging allows you to adjust the amount of gel that is removed. Ability to quickly remove the gel. Will increase treatment efficiency by your stylists.

Expanded blends to match every skin color. Bright colors that can be applied with a thin coat. Sheer color that gives an even finish, even when a thin coat is applied. Colors that can match any season and fashion style.


Miss Mirage

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Baby Mirage

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MX Mirage

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Sha nail

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