Lily gel cordless LED & UV light


The long-awaited gel light is now available from Lilygel.

・Compatible with both LED and UV

・Cordless type makes salon work smooth

– Firmly hardens at 36W

・6-step touch timer

・The light turns on automatically when you put your hand in it

・Maximum continuous use 2.5 hours

・Full charge 3 hours, maximum continuous use 2.5 hours

・Lily gel special pink body

・Easy to use for foot gel treatment by removing the bottom plate

・Sensor sound (the button to select the number of seconds has a touch sound. There is no sound when you put your hand into the light.

Power consumption 36W

Timer: 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds, 120 seconds (lowheat mode)

Bottom plate comes off

Voltage 100~240V

With sensor

Warranty period 1 year

Repair: Not possible

Opening size (maximum): Width 160mm x Height 65mm

Body weight: 646g

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